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Sound Tossing / This.Play Space / 29.09, 12:00 - 18:00
Sound Tossing / This.Play Space / 29.09, 12:00 - 18:00
Sound Tossing is an alternative type of street art that uses sound as a medium of creative expression in a public space. As the streets belong to the people, the intention is to appeal to anyone who wants to shape their acoustic space.

While street art has a rich history in terms the formation of the urban landscape, mainly through the appropriation of wall space, Sound Tossing offers a way to play with urban aesthetics through filling space with unique acoustic input. It provides new ways to add meaning to public spaces. Within the workshop people can build there own Sound Tossing devices and experience the joy of the project.

A key area is the development and distribution of open source technologies for sound interventions in the context of street art. The Sound Tossing units offered include sound generators which operate with solar energy and motion sensors or timers as well as units that convert electromagnetic frequencies into acoustic signals. Some units are equipped with recording functionality and / or transmitters so they in essence become small pirate radio stations. Detailed assembly instructions and video demonstrations for each project are provided so they can easily be set up by anyone.

Thank you for your participation!

Workshop Location:
This.Play Space, Glockengasse 10, 1020 Wien

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Reinhard Gupfinger
Born in 1977, he is an artist and researcher based in Linz, Austria who is working in the fields of Sonic Interaction Design and Urban Interventions. His work bridges the gap between art, science and technology; his thematic priorities are the perception, recording and the manipulation of acoustic space. In this context he develops interactive environments and interventions in public spaces which integrate users in the creation process. Since 2008 he studied Interface Culture at the University of Arts and Industrial Design.
IN/SITE/OUT (Group Exhibition) Location: Magazin
Opening: Sat 24/09, 8 pm
Exhibition Dates: Tue 27/09 – Fri 30/09, 5–8 pm // Sat 01/10, 5 pm – 1 am
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