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Electric Avenue - MuseumsQuartier Wien: quartier21
Electric Avenue - MuseumsQuartier Wien: quartier21
MuseumsQuartier is one of the world’s largest complexes for modern art and culture. The 400-m long baroque front wing of the MQ has been converted to a passage. There, CODED CULTURES presents, among exhibitions from Artists-In-Residence, the so called “European media arts cluster”.

Digital culture, fashion, and design:
quartier21 is a (support) structure that offers space and support to more than forty small and medium-sized autonomous cultural initiatives at the MQ Wien. It is an integral part of the overall concept of the MuseumsQuartier. The various groups represented here have transformed the quartier21 into Vienna’s center for contemporary “applied art.” The emphasis is on digital culture, design, and fashion.

The quartier21 Artist-in-Residence Program:
An Artist-in-Residence program fosters international, project-related exchange and is financed by private sponsors. Each year, the program allows to invite about 40 artists from other countries to realize joint projects with the resident cultural initiatives, thus consequently promoting the establishment of international networks.
The Festival will present current positions in the disciplines of New Media Art and two Artists-in-Residence. On 23.9.2011, discussions on international positions in Media Arts and New Media Cultures will be organized in Raum D (hall D) of the MQ in cooperation with the Media Lab Prado, the Amber Festival and the Enter Festival.
Refarm the City are open tools of software and hardware for “urban farmers”. These tools are used to promote and amplify the dialogue between urban humans, nature, applied sciences and local resources. Started 2008 in hangar.org (Barcelona), open tools have been spread around the planet. Cities like, São Paulo, New York, Paris, Barcelona or Buenos Aires were the stages of our research and applied technologies.
Potential Terrorist
If a person enters the interaction area, a flashing white light spot appears on the upper body of the person. If this person stops, a short animation is projected on its body, which simulates a scan sequence. Upon completion of this scan sequence, there are two different storylines: The software (random) adjudges the person suspicious > "POTENTIAL TERRORIST" or it (random) declares the person as not suspicious > "PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE" is briefly projected onto the torso of the person and then disappears.
Outsourcing is often either simply embraced as an economical necessity of the global economy or criticized as such on the basis of the uneven distribution of wealth, power and/or labor that it entails. This project will take the phenomenon of outsourcing and approach it as a site for the production of new hybrid subjectivities and economies.
Artistic Bokeh Research
The format of “documentation” is an essential part when reflecting, presenting and structuring knowledge. It is seen as experimental component: footage of the video-documentation of 5uper.net and Coded Cultures (previous and current events) is processed with experimental and aesthetic parameters and presented in a long-term site-specific installation at the MuseumsQuartier Vienna.
Sensory Regulation: Electrodermal activity of a hare. A fairy tale
Bernd Kraeftner and Shared Inc. (Research Centre For Shared Incompetence) report on a little experiment which was conducted within the research project "Pillow Research  - hidden talents and multiple diagnoses" (FWF L528). It shows the mundane interaction with a patient who is in a vegetative state (a comatose state). It raises (political) issues of methods of diagnosing and how these methods change our understanding of the research topic at hand.
A series of devices mounted on the windows of the eSeL RECEPTION pulse light in interlocking sequences. The devices seem to be communicating with one another: each individual speaks an endless stream of varying pulses, but when considered together, patterns of movement, synchronicity, and a kind of conversation arises, as though the devices are performing a continuous electronic commentary on some unseen, endlessly unfolding event.
Today 30.9.2011: 19h
Urania Wien
Coded Cultures 2011: City as Interface Presseaussendung #2
Teaser 2009 - Japan
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Book Coded Cultures - New Creative Practices Out of Diversity Springer Wien/NY
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