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Danja Vasiliev
Danja Vasiliev
Danja Vasiliev is a Russian born computer artist currently living inBerlin and Rotterdam. Working with diverse methods, technologies and materials, Danja ridicules the contemporary affection for digital life and questions the global tendency for cyborgination. Works of the artist are often described as technological interventions, whether they are hardware, software or conceptual pieces. Famous recent works include a mechanical web-server that is accessible over the Internet (“m/e/m/e 2.0”, 2009), Linux distribution that joins and questions the concepts of Turing machines and Singularity (“RE:buntu”, 2009), human-puppetry installation that disconnects bodies and consciousness of its users (“Master/slave”, 2007). Network and Internet technology, especially in regard to the Network as the new World, is the latest affection of Danja Vasiliev. He is currently developing several special devices that will become the new tools of a digital interventionist.
The 120days of *buntu / This.Play Space / 30.09, 12:00 - 18:00
The 120days of *buntu is a mash-up of 120 different Ubuntu operating systems (OS). It works from the source code of popular Linux/GNU and redistributes modified software through the Internet and through a new distribution model, the so called Street-Sneaker-Net inspired by the illegal CD/DVD sellers in the streets of São Paolo, Brazil. Computer operating systems are imposing many rules and dogmas onto the ordinary user; thus an OS becomes an inescapable device of our control-driven social environment.
Today 30.9.2011: 19h
Urania Wien
Coded Cultures 2011: City as Interface Presseaussendung #2
Teaser 2009 - Japan
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CC BOOK Springer Wien/NY
Book Coded Cultures - New Creative Practices Out of Diversity Springer Wien/NY
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