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Coded Cultures 2011: Locations

Dislocated Festival

To acknowledge this year’s focus of CODED CULTURES – City as Interface, the exhibition part and the whole festival take place at locations spread out in the city, mainly concentrating on the 2nd district of Vienna, particularly around the Urania at the Donaukanal. Taking up the challenge of using urban terrain and structures as venues for the Festival, mainly self-initialized and self-organized locations were chosen as display areas rather than established museums. While some of the artworks requiring vast rooms of public space, will be shown in the areas around the Donaukanal, others which need certain structures or weatherproof conditions will be presented in selected offspaces in the 2nd district.

Other formats like the workshops will be held at the space of This.Play, the Badeschiff and Urania. and Presentation events with larger auditoria will take place at the Urania, and thereby round up the great variety and diverse levels of urban structures chosen as festival spots. Originating from the MuseumsQuartier Wien, its previous place of events, CODED CULTURES will present several positions in quartier21 as well and seize the opportunity to invite two Artists in Residence to the quartier21 Artist- In-Residence program.

The opening and organization of a Festival at dislocated scenes constitutes a challenge itself, as there is no way to show all artifacts in one exhibition. The Odeon Theater, a space adapted to a theater venue by the Serapions Ensemble, will host the opening event of CODED CULTURES - City as Interface, with a Pecha Kucha Night, that presents selected positions and concepts of the Festival in a diverting format.
Odeon: Serapionstheater - OPENING  21. 9. 2011
Odeon, Taborstraße 10, 1020 Wien
In June 1988, the Serapions Ensemble Vienna finished the adaptation of the huge hall of the Viennese “Getreidebörse” into a place for events: the Odeon theater will host the opening event of CODED CULTURES – City as Interface, with a Pecha Kucha night, that will present selected positions and concepts of the festival in a diverting format.
Uraniastrasse 1, Eingang Turmstiege, 1010 Wien
The Palace Urania is a public educational institute and observatory in Vienna. It was built according to the plans of Art Nouveau style architect Max Fabiani (a student of Otto Wagner) at the outlet of the Vienna river. CODED CULTURES 2011 will host the Symposium at the Vienna Urania, which takes place from 27 to 30 September 2011.
Coded Cultures Info Center / Meeting Point: Festland Bar
festland bar, vor dem badeschiff
The Coded Cultures Info Point is right in front of the Badeschiff. Some call it "Susi Haus", while its actual name is Festland Bar. Visitors as well as participants of the Coded Cultures Festival can get up-to-date information on the current programme, as well as Coded Cultures materials: Booklet, Poster, Passes and merchandise, among background information. The space also serves as a meeting point for guidances and the Fokustag Donaukanal (22.9.2011).
Docked on the Donaukanal, the Badeschiff is a ship that has an on-deck open air municipal swimming pool, a bar / restaurant and a Laderaum (loading room). During CODED CULTURES workshops and events will take place. The CODED CULTURES Info Point is right in front of the Badeschiff. Visitors of the CODED CULTURES Festival will get up-to- date information. The space also serves as a meeting point for guided events and the Fokustag Donaukanal.
Central Garden
Untere Donaustraße 41, 1020 Wien
Central Garden is a noncommercial space at the Viennese Danube Canal, that has been established as an artistic and cultural project space in 2008. People come here to participate in sport, art and cultural projects in public space. Regular event installations, public art projects and the media art symposium UPGRADE take place there. During CODED CULTURES it will function as festival bar and project space for art pieces and installations.
Donaukanal, Obere Donaustraße zwischen Salztorbrücke und Augartenbrücke, 1020 Wien
The Adria is located in the center of Vienna (2nd district) at the “Donaukanal” (Danube Canal). It combines a bar with an indoor presentation and event space. During the “Fokustag Donaukanal” (22 / 09 / 2011) CODED CULTURES presents the Black River Festival (Blk River Festival), a Viennese street art festival, which showcases current works and artists.
Electric Avenue - MuseumsQuartier Wien: quartier21
MuseumsQuartier is one of the world's largest complexes for modern art and culture. The 400-meter-long Baroque front wing of the MQ has been converted to a passage. There, Coded Cultures presents among exhibitions from Artists-In-Residence the so called "european media arts cluster". On 23th of September openings and presentations will take place, in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts, eSeL.at, among others.
Offspace: Glockengasse No 9
Glockengasse 9, 1020 Wien
The Offspace Glockengasse No 9 supports young curators and works together with them on emerging new art exhibitions. During Coded Cultures, a solo exhibition by Claudia Larcher will be presented: Empty Rooms is a site-specific media arts installation.
Offspace: MAGAZIN
Hammer-Purgstall-Gasse 7, 1020 Wien
MAGAZIN (Society for Development of the Arts) is an association of artists that runs an exhibition-space of the same name. At this space, emerging artists participate in exhibitions, lectures, panels and artist-dinners. In the context of CODED CULTURES, a group exhibition will take place, starting on September 24, 2011. In cooperation with CODED CULTURES Festival, the exhibition space will show the exhibition IN / SITE / OUT.
Offspace: LABfactory
Praterstrasse 42/3/1, 1020 vienna
LABfactory is a working and co-operation-platform for transdisciplinary processes in arts and communication, with a special focus on performance, discourse and media. During CODED CULTURES 2011, an exhibition will be presented, while the LABfactory also serves as a space for meetings and discussion after the talk-events in the Urania.
Lust Gallery
hollandstrasse 7, 1020 Wien
Lust gallery is an international art space focusing on alternative art from Europe and the United States. The gallery was founded by Max Lust a young art collector who immigrated form NYC to Vienna. His objective is to support local artists as well as to import American talents. As a result, Lust gallery creates a juxtaposition between European and American art.
Glockengasse 10-12, 1020 Wien
The space of the Project This.Play , a small offspace in Glockengasse provides a perfect infrastructure for hosting a new media DIY-focus. With presentations on 4 different days, the second week of CODED CULTURES will present different international new media arts positions and communicates / explores with the format of workshops. The This.Play space a is a place for arts, design and media development.

PS ArtSpace
Waldsteingartenstrasse 135, 1020 Wien
On April 30, 2011 the Pratersauna – one of the most interesting locations in Europe, according to Monocle – presented the PS ArtSpace in addition to the club and sauna. Exhibitions are initiated and curated separately from club operations, with an institutional structure and an independent corporate identity under the art brand PS ArtSpace, sponsored by “departure”.

Today 30.9.2011: 19h
Urania Wien
Coded Cultures 2011: City as Interface Presseaussendung #2
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